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Expert services

High-quality expert services

We believe that enthusiasm, expertise and innovations will move the industry forward. As rail transport experts we want to share our knowledge and expertise to benefit our customers. We also want to be involved in new interesting projects that challenge us to outdo ourselves and help us become even better. This is the foundation of our uncompromised quality through which we help our customers succeed.

Commissioning inspections

Our extensive range of services also includes commissioning inspections for signalling systems and ATP systems. We carry out inspections with professional integrity for both small and large-scale projects.

Through commissioning inspections, we ensure that the system in question complies with the applicable rules and regulations. During an inspection we check the plans and conduct system functionality and safety tests. The purpose of an inspection is to check whether the solutions used during the project are functional and safe considering the outcome.

The commissioning inspection organisation is ultimately responsible for the commissioning of a new system and the inspector will confirm that the system can begin operations safely. Proxion has developed the ProVISU program which makes it possible to simulate system testing based on a realistic situation. If defects are detected through ProVISU, the required measures can be determined accurately.


ERTMS is the European Rail Traffic Management System and ETCS is the related European Train Control System. The aim of the ERTMS is to standardise the rail transport market, promote compatibility and facilitate transport between different countries. The upgrading of the Finnish automatic train protection system will begin in the 2020s and the measures to prepare the upgrade are underway.

In 2017, approximately 2% of the EU railway network was equipped with the ERTMS. However, extensive upgrade projects are underway, for example, in Denmark and Norway where the aim is to make the entire railway network ERTMS-compatible.

Proxion has served as the Finnish Transport Agency’s expert in several studies regarding the ERTMS. The upgrading of the automatic train protection system also involves a wide range of other measures, such as signalling system repair investments and changes to the rolling stock and train operations. Thanks to our solid expertise in signalling systems, we also have the capacity to serve in an expert role during the implementation of the upgrade.

Photo: Janne-Joonas Mantsinen

Surveys and guidelines

We are a respected company in the railway industry and we carry out guideline updates, surveys and other studies with solid expertise.

Our customers choose us because we have versatile expertise, excellent knowledge of the railway industry and an understanding of various systems.

We, for example, work with the Finnish Transport Agency’s technical guidelines updates, product development projects and various project-based surveys and plan reviews.

We have prepared railway engineering guidelines, drawing guidelines and many other guidelines issued by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Logistics and railway use surveys

Logistics surveys examine different traffic and material flows, for example, in a certain area or nationally. The purpose of a survey is to give the customer concrete information to support decision-making and offer different solution models for the development of logistical processes.

Track use surveys are closer examinations than logistics surveys. These surveys analyse the rolling stock operating in an area as well as the required track lengths and quantities. Based on this type of survey, we can determine the optimal track solution for the customer. We can also visualise the strain on the tracks, making it easier to notice possible bottlenecks in track use and in the area more precisely.

Technical control centre

The technical control centre tasks are primarily facility and tunnel-related monitoring tasks for the Ring Rail Line, Tikkurila station bridge and Vuosaari rail line as well as further processing of information from the building automation systems. In addition, control centre operations include the monitoring of rolling stock monitoring systems, analysis of information from the systems as well as initiation and monitoring of further measures. The operations also include observing monitoring system maintenance.

The following rolling stock monitoring systems are currently used on the railway network:

  • Hot box detector system (LAKU)
  • Wheel load checkpoint (VEKU)
  • Rolling stock identification system (RFID)
  • Pantograph camera system (APMS)