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Proxion is at Innotrans! We are a young and flexible engineering company, which aims for international success in a growing and safe rail industry. We are proud of our work, but especially of our workers.

We believe that doing good things opens up good opportunities. Every employee of the company has equal freedom to carry out their own responsibilities in the way they see fit. The railway industry will only step up to the future by being creative, and creativity needs time and space.

Even though we don’t have our own booth at Innotrans in 2022, we are heavily involved in Berlin. Don’t hesitate to contact anyone of us in business inquires!

100%Private-owned finnish company

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Anssi Krooks
Markus Jaatinen
Business director
Toni Jukuri
Business director
Mikko Oksanen
Sales director

Our core expertise

ERTMS Expert services

Design of ETCS trackside equipment

Functional design of ETCS

The architecture of signalling system

Requirement specifications

ETCS related simulation and testing

Strategic level design for ERTMS solutions

Principles of operation

Radio network and telecommunications

Implementation plans and construction design

Radio network measurement services

Telecommunication network measurements

  • Telecommunications network coverage, capacity and quality measurements
  • Multidimensional radio network measurements
    • Radio spectrum and interference measurement with RF-scanner
    • 4 carriers can be measured at the same time (2G/3G/4G/5G/Public safety network)
  • Satellite position measurements
    • GNSS device utilizing different position augmentation and corrections (e.g. Inertial, SBAS, DGNSS, RTK)
  • Wifi network measurements

Measurement equipment

  • Measurement system and set up can be tailored for customers’ needs
  • Measurement van with rail wheels can be operated both on roads and rails
  • Portable measurement rack can be installed also in another vehicle or customer’s premises
  • Multichannel router enables application level simulation
  • Wed-based reporting and analyzing platform

ProX-LX Level Crossings

LX System

  • Modular based on generic application
  • Barrier LX
  • Light and audible alarm LX
  • Public & private rails
  • Configured for customer requirements


  • Advanced technology for safety and functionality
  • PLC safety control system SIL 3/SIL 4
  • Track vacancy proving SIL 3/SIL 4
  • Fault messages to external system or SMS-message
  • ProX-Rail Web application for fault and status tracking
  • Energy back-up & off-grid option
  • Indoor or outdoor cabinet


Fintraffic Railway Ltd

Duration: 6 months

Project: Measuring 3 mobile operator’s LTE network on Finnish railways (6000km)

Scope: Analyze the prerequisities of the public radio network for rail traffic communication and train control

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

Duration: 6 months

Project: Measuring 5G public and private network on metro test track

Scope: Investigate 5G network’s suitability for the train system needs

Kaustisen seutukunta (Association of municipalities)

Duration: 6 months

Project: Drive test for 3 mobile operator’s network on municipalities area and expert services for improving connections

Scope: Improve the availability of high-speed telecommunication connections in the region

ProX-Rail situation awareness software

  • Real-time snapshot system for private tracks improves safety, comminication and operational efficiency in railway yards
  • Transparency of track reservations and other events affecting traffic will bring predictability to operations and support railway yard management and traffic flow
  • Improved visibility of the track traffic situation will help to improve the efficiency of industrial installations and ship loading operations
14M€Turnover 2021
25%Annual growth
30Customer satisfaction (NPS)

Our mission is to double the rail transport.

We are the most wanted company among employers in Finland and in Baltics region.

We are appreciated as experts of safe rail traffic and railway infrastructure.

Service offering

Design and expert services

  • Rail infrastructure design
  • Electrical and electric track design
  • Signalling and traffic control systems design
  • Telematics and passenger information
  • Traffic and logistic planning
  • Environmental planning
  • ERTMS design

Assessment and approval services

  • ISA certified Independent Safety Assessor
  • Approval consultancy
  • Requirements management
  • RAMS consultancy
  • Quality and documentation management
  • Commissioning inspections

Digital rail services

  • Software development
  • Radio network & GNSS measurement
  • Level crossings
  • Data analytics
  • ETCS
  • Simulation and laboratory services
  • System design

Training and safety services

  • Safety advisory services
  • Safety management systems
  • Training
  • Risk assessments
  • Rataopisto training academy
  • Online training
  • Security services
  • Cybersecurity


  • Energy management
  • Nuclear energy
  • Nuclear safety
  • Energy efficiency measurements

Autonomous train

A ground-breaking global autonomous train development project in Finland is moving on to its test phase. The aim of the initiative is to create completely new railway transportation services and to even double the amount of railway transport. The initiative, led by Finnish Proxion in conjunction with around 20 other tech organisations, innovates an agile, low-emission transportation concept for large industrial enterprises. In the future, aim is to also bring autonomous passenger traffic to the rails.