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With a strong team the opportunities are endless

All Proxion employees have special skills – individual strengths that they can develop to reach the top in their area of expertise. By combining our skills we can achieve anything.

As our business grows and operations develop, we are constantly looking for strong professionals who know that success requires a burning passion and hard work.

At Proxion you get to work with interesting and challenging customer projects. We value open-minded curiosity that helps us create new and innovative solutions for our customers.

A healthy workplace community, mutual respect as well as fairness and equality are important to us. We understand your needs and wishes in different situations and strive to offer individual solutions enabling different forms of working.

Meet some of our employees

We invest in our employees because it is important for us that we have the best group of versatile individuals now and in the future. Our personnel’s skills, continuous learning and development are the foundation of our success. We at Proxion are one big family and we are proud of each other. We support our employees’ physical activity and cultural activities and offer them the opportunity to use Villa Proxion, the company’s villa in Spain. Below you can read about some of our professionals and their thoughts.


I am Lauri, M.Sc., from Tampere.   During my first years at Proxion, I jumped into the deep end of the railway engineering pool. I started working at Proxion as a student and I am still here. I wrote my master’s thesis for the company and before I even graduated I was able to get a permanent job in signalling system planning. At Proxion, you are given a lot of responsibility based on your interests and abilities and you quickly get into the actual planning work. I was a total rookie when I started in signalling system planning, but you learn by doing and with a good team you learn quickly. At the moment I specialise in railway signalling systems, rail capacity and functionality assessments as well as the Europe-wide train control system ERTMS.
While working at Proxion, I have learned basically everything I now know about railways. Even though I work with signalling systems, the coexistence of various technical fields under one roof supports wide-ranging learning. In my project-based job I have also acquired general skills, for example to do with project and quality management.

I am particularly proud of Proxion’s position and reputation as an expert in demanding railway infrastructure projects.

My occupational well-being is supported by a meaningful job description, interesting projects and wonderful co-workers. Proxion is growing rapidly, but we have managed to maintain a small company’s sense of community, which is fantastic.


My name is Elina and I have a Master of Science degree in civil engineering. I have worked at Proxion since my graduation in the autumn of 2016.

I started my career at Proxion doing auxiliary planning tasks. My first tasks involved making drawings and creating geotechnical investigation programmes. Once I became familiar with the planning programmes, projects and the company’s ways of working, I quickly got involved in the actual planning tasks. Through challenging projects I have rapidly gained new knowledge and skills. I currently work on railway and geotechnical engineering tasks.
While working at Proxion I have learned a lot, especially to do with railway planning. I have learned about track geometry as well as superstructure, substructure and foundation planning. My geotechnical skills have improved, for example, in terms of stability and settlement calculations. I have also developed by project skills.

The best things about working at Proxion are the relaxed atmosphere and fantastic co-workers. Diverse and challenging tasks as well as an ability to influence my duties keep me motived.


I am Panu and I have been working at Proxion since the autumn of 2018 when I joined the Proxion digital service team. I have worked in software development for over 15 years, but I had no previous experience of the railway world.

At first I worked with the ProX-EIS and ProX-TRL systems as a software architect. Currently I specialise in all phases of software development from design to maintenance.

At Proxion I have learned about the railway industry, functional safety and programmable logic controllers.
I am proud of our agility and courage to think outside the box. New solutions cannot be created by following old patterns. What I like the most about working at Proxion is the opportunity to develop myself and to develop solutions to a variety of challenging problems.