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Our services


We take our customers’ wishes and other relevant matters comprehensively into consideration from the beginning of a project to the very end. Our aim is always to produce solutions that are sustainable from the perspective of the environment, society and the solution’s life cycle. We utilise the latest expertise and technology to ensure that our customers can always be satisfied with the project outcome.

Digital services

We have extensive experience developing technical railway systems and we are actively involved in the digitalisation of railway network maintenance management. Our innovative approach and willingness to tackle new challenges have made us a pioneer in the digitalisation of the railway industry.

Proxion Rataopisto

We offer a wide range of training for the development and maintenance of professional skills. Our training selection includes all key safety training programmes for the railway and infrastructure sectors. Our trainers are experienced professionals and we offer training events all over Finland, close to the participants.

Project deliveries

We want our customers to be able to focus on their core business and use their resources in a sensible manner. Therefore, we offer solid infrastructure expertise as an outsourced service for both small and large projects. Our aim with all projects is to ensure safety, usability and smooth operation.

High-quality expert services

We believe that enthusiasm, expertise and innovations will move the industry forward. As rail transport experts we want to share our knowledge and expertise to benefit our customers. We also want to be involved in new interesting projects that challenge us to outdo ourselves and help us become even better. This is the foundation of our uncompromised quality through which we help our customers succeed.