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Project deliveries

We want our customers to be able to focus on their core business and use their resources in a sensible manner. Therefore, we offer solid infrastructure expertise as an outsourced service for both small and large projects. Our aim with all projects is to ensure safety, usability and smooth operation. We organise competitive tendering for contractors depending on the scale of the project and supervise the contractor’s work on behalf of the customer. Thus, we ensure that the project stays within the agreed scope and our customer only pays for the pre-determined results.


ProX-ECO refers to comprehensive level crossing systems provided as turnkey deliveries for railways and private railway owners. The ProX-ECO system enables the construction of all necessary configurations for different level crossings.

In addition to traditional level crossing systems, Proxion has developed an innovative movable and reusable level crossing solution that is easy and inexpensive to install.

The level crossing systems are equipped with the ProX-EIS hybrid power supply system. The ProX-EIS also enables the utilisation of renewable energy as part of the system.

Example of  ProX-ECO level crossing

A light and sound system with a hybrid energy system

  • Track vacancy monitoring is implemented using axle counting sensors
  • Backup power through lithium-based batteries
  • The energy required by the system is produced using solar panels and a wind turbine

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The ProX-EIS is an integration platform for energy systems based on flexible and modular energy management software developed by Proxion. The EIS system can be equipped with a desired number of energy sources, smart energy reserves, programmable logic controllers, inverters and other components by different manufacturers depending on the project needs.

The ProX-EIS serves as a management unit that combines all energy sources, reserves and other components into one manageable system and controls them as desired and in accordance with the requirements.

Examples of ProX-EIS applications

  • A hybrid energy system for power supply to railway signalling systems: backup power comes from lithium-based batteries and energy production utilises solar and wind energy.
  • A hybrid energy system for power supply to telecommunications equipment: utilises new lithium battery technology and solar energy, includes generator control and remote monitoring of the entire system.