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Proxion recruiting rail infrastructure and traffic experts for its competence centre in Estonia

The Finnish company Proxion will establish a subsidiary in Estonia and will recruit over 20 rail infrastructure and traffic experts of different levels for the Tallinn office during 2021. Working together with Finnish colleagues, the new CEO will be responsible for the recruitment of the Estonia personnel. Open applications are already being accepted, says Pia Haavisto, HR and Communications Manager at Proxion.

“We are already looking for top professionals from different industries and enthusiastic workers who are only starting their careers and who are interested in working in our new Tallinn unit.”

Proxion currently employs more than 100 rail industry experts. The company’s good reputation as an employer has spread, which, according to Haavisto, can clearly be seen in the number of recruitments.

“In many organisations, the work of an expert can be hard and lonely. However, at Proxion, experts work together and we encourage people to come up with new ideas and to do new things boldly. Community spirit and continuous self-improvement in the job have great significance for the experts of today.”

A new employee will be paired up with a more experienced trainer, who will support the new employee for as long as it takes them to adapt to the job. At the same time, they will learn the Proxion way of working.

“As an employer, our most important value is happy personnel who are always improving in their jobs. A professional organisation is nothing without its experts. Therefore, we want to look after them in every way,” Haavisto summarises.

Support from a strong value base

Proxion aims to double the volume of transportation on rails. The mission is connected to ecological values, which require the ability to think innovatively.

Annamaija Åhman, Signalling system designer

“It is important to me that we can be proud of our company. I want to read in the papers how Proxion has accomplished things of significance. I am against senseless greed and demand that we always operate honestly with our reputable cooperation partners. We can refuse things we do not consider noble or conducive to the needs of our customer. We do this work out of a love for railways,” says Petri Puikkonen, the founder of Proxion and Chairman of the Board.

The experts are also motivated by the values. The environmental impact of traffic can be affected by working to promote rail traffic.

“I want to increase the likelihood of this world remaining inhabitable for my children and their children. Through my work, I can directly promote the development of rail traffic,” says Annamaija Åhman, signalling system designer at Proxion.

The globalising growth company aims to take the best possible care of its personnel’s health and social well-being. In addition to the comprehensive occupational healthcare and different kinds of culture and wellness benefits, the personnel can also use the Villa Proxion in Spain, for example. Flexible hours make it easier to balance expert work and personal life.

Proxion supports the integration of work and family and is flexible in different situations in life, from childcare to taking care of elderly parents.

“We pay special attention to work ergonomics and the prevention of work-related psychosocial risks. The supervisors are trained to manage the stress of their subordinates and listen to the quiet signals,” Pia Haavisto explains.

Projects and feelings of success

Work at Proxion is entrepreneurial in nature. Each person can build their own career path in the direction of their own interests. However, with the freedom comes the whole team’s duty to ensure the reciprocity and fluency of the cooperation.

Mikko Saarinen, Business Director of Planning

The majority of the projects come from public operators through calls for tenders. Responding to calls for tenders requires extremely careful planning. The workloads of tenders are defined by Proxion’s experts. The profitable target margin of pricing is determined by the management. The teams appoint the project personnel for the projects, the management and team supervisors appoint the project manager.

Mikko Saarinen, Business Director of Planning at Proxion, puts together the tender by defining the required workloads and profitable target level. He also appoints the project manager and experts to be attached to the project.

“The project manager is responsible for the quality, schedule and finances of the implementation of the project. If there are problems with the project, the manager must find the resources necessary to come up with a solution. It is my duty to support the supervisors in difficult decisions, and I am responsible for the management and direction of the project portfolio in the planning business.”

The planning department controlled by Saarinen currently has 116 ongoing projects, with a total value of EUR 4.5 million. An operation of this scale must be prepared to right down to the smallest detail.

“Our projects are progressing excellently. Sure, surprises can’t be totally avoided, but we help each other when necessary. We also have a slip-up database where we record all kinds of slip-ups that can happen in projects. Our stance on mistakes is that the whole organisation can learn from them,” explains Annamaija Åhlman, Signalling System Designer.

Proxion’s projects often require the ability to solve very complicated problems. Even though the work is demanding, it makes an expert happy.

“Sometimes, the work is like putting together a puzzle where you have to build the missing pieces yourself. Sometimes you are completely lost, but then we come together to make sense of the situation. Even though the projects look similar at first glance, you are still solving completely new things, working with a brilliant team in each of them,” says Åhlman.

Join us at Proxion

We are currently looking for raiway experts to work in our Tallinn unit.  In early 2021 we will recruit over 20 experts of different levels for Proxion’s Estonian branch. If you want to participate in making Proxion a part of Europe-wide projects, tell us at this stage about your interest in developing the rail industry.