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We take our customers’ wishes and other relevant matters comprehensively into consideration from the beginning of a project to the very end. Our aim is always to produce solutions that are sustainable from the perspective of the environment, society and the solution’s life cycle. We utilise the latest expertise and technology to ensure that our customers can always be satisfied with the project outcome.

We offer comprehensive planning services together with our extensive collaboration network. Our team is aware of the latest national and EU regulations as well as industry guidelines. Our experts have also been involved in producing several guidelines issued by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Our way of working is open-minded and we are not afraid of challenges. Our solid expertise and innovative approach ensure a level of quality that only Proxion can offer.

Safety and efficiency

Our job is to improve the safety of railways and other transport routes and to reduce associated risk factors. During a project, our experts perform constant risk management to ensure an excellent and safe outcome as well as usability and smooth operation.

Signalling and traffic control systems

When designing signalling and traffic control systems, one of the key aspects is to minimise safety risks. Our experts have wide-ranging experience working with rail traffic control and signalling systems. We design new system solutions and make changes to existing systems.

Reliable functionality

Planning of signalling systems includes various elements such as the positioning of equipment, couplings, level crossing warning systems, signals as well as ATP and ERTMS systems. During functionality planning we take different forms of transport and disruptions into consideration. In addition, we work with both new and existing interlocking systems as well as cable duct planning. We utilise the ProVISU program which we developed for modelling purposes. It allows us to simulate the functionality of the solutions used.

Railway electrification engineering

Our railway electrification specialists take care of modifications to existing electric railways and design entirely new ones. An important part of our work is to consider the entire project life cycle. Effective and flexible solutions throughout the planning process guarantee a functional and cost-effective outcome. In addition, we always take into account the operational and maintenance requirements.

Expertise in voltage breaks

Railway electrification engineering includes, for example, voltage breaks and voltage group planning. For years, Proxion has been known as an expert in planning voltage breaks. Our specialists are also able to take care of mechanical structures and dimensioning of electric railways thanks to their experience and expertise.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering covers the design of various technical systems related to transport routes from area lighting to pumping stations. Cabling planning includes the actual cabling, dimensioning and the planning of cable ducts.
Our electrical experts are also familiar with camera systems and passenger information systems. In addition, we have expertise in planning switch heating. Our intelligent control and adjustment systems enable energy-efficient solutions that meet our customers’ needs.


The core expertise of Proxion’s infrastructure planning team lies in railway projects where we are able to take care of all related aspects. We are involved in projects from surveys of transport connections and land use all the way to construction planning. Our team has a great deal of experience of project management, railway and geotechnical engineering as well as road, street and regional engineering.

We utilise the latest technology and our aim is to challenge the old ways of doing things. Our primary aim is to ensure that the planned solutions are feasible and cost-effective and that the technical quality meets the customer’s requirements.