Matti Räsänen, 29 software developer Mikkeli

I got to know the railroad industry by chance. I studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences of Southeast Finland in Mikkeli and got an internship at a local company that specialized in railway transport, among other things. I immediately liked it and stayed at the company after graduating in 2017. It seemed significant to influence how people operate in Finland through my own work.
When Proxion opened a position as a software developer last year, I asked an acquaintance of mine who worked there what the workplace was like. We coders value other things besides pay.
The atmosphere, a professional team and other perks are important. The things my acquaintance told me sounded good, so I decided to apply and got the job. I started at Proxion in October 2020.

As a workplace, Proxion has been just as good as I had heard. In terms of professionalism and career development, it is good that I have been able to work in many different software languages and that we use the latest technologies. In practice, my job is information retrieval and problem solving.
The projects are done the way and to the schedule the client wants, but I get to influence the course of my working day. It has been a suitable solution for me that the hours are recorded in the system and no one, so to speak, is watching. I could work from home, but I like to be in the new premises in Mikkeli.
With Proxion, I have had the chance to influence things even as a young employee. Many times my own proposals have been accepted.
It is equally important that our team has more experienced employees than me and a lot of different people from different companies have come to the company. Information is widely available within our company and you can always ask for help.

The best thing about working in the railroad industry is that you learn something new every day. It feels like learning never ends. There are many interesting projects ahead.
I also recommend Proxion to other software developers who want to work for a slightly different cause and with the latest technologies. There are not many employers in Finland who work in the railway sector.

We coders value other things besides pay.

Matti Räsänen, 29 software developer