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Proxion is the leading expert on rail traffic safety solutions. Our services cover the design and expert services of safety systems for all different forms of rail transport.

The European Railway Traffic Management System, ERTMS, requires a new kind of expertise compared to the traditional train traffic control system (ATP). Proxion’s experts have been actively involved in the Digital Railway project, the purpose of which is to plan the implementation of new ERTMS-technologies in Finland. We are the leading expert on railway safety system design with almost 20 years of experience.

Safety device design

One of the most important things in safety device and traffic control system design is minimizing the safety risks. Our professionals have extensive experience in railway traffic control and safety device systems. We design new system solutions as well as implement changes in the existing ones.

Safety device design includes several areas, such as safety device placement design, connection design, level crossing system design, sign design and ATP and ERTMS system design.

In functional design we consider different types of transport and possible disruptions. In addition to this, we design both existing and new interlocking systems and cableway design. For this we use ProVISU software developed by us. With ProVISU we can model and simulate the functionality of different solutions.

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Safety system design for urban rail traffic

Urban rail traffic is a sustainable and effective way to move around in a densely built environment. City environment is challenging due to the many different forms of traffic and condensed roads. We have been involved in many significant urban railway projects.

Moving on tramways requires constantly paying attention to the surroundings as well as fast reactions from the driver. High-quality design enables the best possible tools for the driver as well as undisturbed traffic.

High speed and short headways need to be taken into account when designing underground railway traffic. The metro still uses many original systems, some of which are over 40 years old and at the end of their life cycle. Renewals must be made especially to the current traffic control system, so that reliable and safe underground railway operation can be ensured in the future as well.

Renewing the train traffic control system enables an increase in the number of underground railway passengers because it allows shorter headways. Shorter headways and other ways of increasing the passenger capacity are important, since traffic related forecasts suggest that the number of underground passengers will grow in the future. In that case the current capacity will not be sufficient.

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ERTMS design

ERTMS-design focuses on the functional and technical design of the traffic management system. Our ERTMS experts play a key role in determining the system's functional properties, system architecture, operating methods and track equipment implementation plans.

The pan-European, interoperable ERTMS-system, which will be used to replace the national ATP-system at the end of its lifecycle, is arriving in Finland. ERTMS-system consists of many different parts - ETCS works as a train traffic control system that guarantees safety, and data transmission is carried out continuously over the radio network. The new system creates an opportunity to renew the field of railway technology and accelerates the transition towards digital compound system.

Proxion has participated in defining ERTMS/ETCS-implementation in Finland since a very early phase in the process. We are a part of national defining and designing of Digital Railway plan in Finland and provide expert and design services related to the new, digital, radio network based system, all from under the same roof.

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Lauri Aarnio
Business unit director

ProX-LX Level Crossing System

Our ProX-LX products are customisable solutions for our customers’ needs. We want to do our part in enabling safe moving on railroads and near them by providing high-quality and cost effective solutions for railways. Proxion wants to enhance safety and security of railways, and that is why our experts have developed a modular ProX-LX level crossing system that utilizes the most advanced technology on the field.

The level crossing system utilizes our experts’ knowledge as well as the most advanced technology on the field. ProX-LX system can consist of warning lights, light and sound warning or a half barrier system. The safety of the system is ensured by an axel counter system installed on the tracks. When a train arrives, the axel counter activates the warning systems which will alarm other traffic. The warning systems will turn off once the train has left the crossing’s safety zone and it is safe for the traffic on the road to continue their journey.

The purchase of each ProX-LX system is a unique process. Our deliveries are always based on the analysis and needs assessment of the location. Both the customer and the supplier have their own responsibilities regarding the purchase process, and those will be agreed on during the needs assessment.

Security technologies and information system design

Our offerings include design of various passenger information systems as well as expertise in telematics, telecommunications and safety technology. Camera surveillance and different security technologies require comprehensive design that takes into account the risks and threats faced by the locations as well as usability and user-friendliness. When the solutions are designed as a whole, the customer will receive systems with excellent usability and high security level.

Regarding the security technologies, our strongest expertise is in the camera systems of the railway field, reversing camera systems, telecommunications and cable routing design as well as various locking, fire detector and break-in detector systems. In addition to this, we can create new, innovative solutions with electrical wiring design and digital services.

Regarding passenger information, our design expertise covers the design of static signs, variable signs, public-address systems, induction loops, timetable cabinets and accessible signs for railway stations, travel centers, bus terminals and other public transport. In addition to traditional placement planning, our design expertise covers the preparation of telecommunication and electrical plans for the necessary equipment requirements, as well as the preparation of commercial and technical purchase documents.

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Juha Lappeteläinen
Unit manager

Safety expert services

We want to be involved in ensuring safe moving on the tracks. We accompany the customer in all phases of the product's life cycle, ensuring safety and predicting dangers by identifying risks. We carry out risk management as an assignment in the different phases of planning, construction, operation and decommissioning. We carry out assignments using the risk assessment methods instructed by the customer.

We work and develop the field in close cooperation with various stakeholders and authorities. We always carry out our customers' assignments in accordance with current regulations. We also have excellent expertise in safety culture and HOF (Human and Organizational factors).

In our approval services, we help our customers to bring new railway products or technical systems to the railway market. With the help of our strong expertise, the approval process is made efficient and the product/system is approved as quickly as possible. The customer can trust the functionality and safety of the products/systems they purchase because they have been specified, tested and inspected.

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