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Securing the future of railway traffic

The purpose of technical supervision is to ensure safe and approved implementation of new technologies and systems.

Risk management of significant changes in railway systems has to be evaluated independently. This can be ensured by using an independent security and safety evaluation body (ISA/AsBo). Proxion Pro Oy’s Evaluation body (ISA/AsBo) is accredited by FINAS-accreditation service. (Evaluation body 1054, accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17020.)


Our Evaluation body provides independent assessment of risk management regarding YTM regulations and EN-standards concerning railways.  It is in our customer’s interest to comply with Traficom’s regulations as well as the Rail Traffic Act, which is related to the implementation permits of projects. When Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency notifies Traficom of a new project, Traficom orders in its operating permit during construction to comply with the EU directive “YTM Regulation”. This concerns all the projects rated as significant.

As a final product the customer will receive a safety assessment report that summarizes how the risk management has been executed during the project. The report is based on the evidence provided by the project.

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Technical supervision
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