Mobile measurement laboratory

5G Lab

With a mobile 5G-laboratory it is possible to test and measure the coverage of commercial 5G networks in different environments such as highways, sea, metro, railroads and even in closed environments. The 5G measurement laboratory is equipped with both traditional tyres and rail wheels, so it can be driven on tracks as well.

  • Vendor-independent measurements
  • Comprehensive solution
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A comprehensive solution

Our measurement services are a comprehensive solution that includes mapping customer’s needs, finding useful test cases and tailoring the measurement process itself. After this the results will be analyzed and reported to the customer as agreed upon.

The 5G Lab is equipped with versatile equipment which enables us to provide tailored telecommunications and positioning measurements in the customer’s own environment. In addition to network reception and coverage measurements we can measure the functionality customer’s critical applications and systems.



Our measuring services produce information independent of systems and vendor to support our customers’ decision making.

Comprehensive analysis

Our service will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of different networks’ state, such as 5G, GSM-R and WLAN, attached to the location data. The analysis helps us to recognize things to develop further regarding network reception and capacity.

Diverse measurements

In addition to measuring network coverage we measure the functionality of customer’s critical applications. We also do interference measurements of radio networks on different frequencies, quality- and reference measurements as well as quality measurements of positioning systems.

5G Lab

Comprehensive measuring service

As a company independent of systems and operators, Proxion can provide versatile analysis to support municipal decision making. Multi-location housing, smart industry and movement will depend even more in well-functioning telecommunication connections in the future. It is in the best interest of municipalities to be able to independently evaluate and influence decision making if necessary.

Our customers

Measurements attached to geographic information

Our measuring services offer expert services regarding telecommunications and radio networks. Our mobile 5G measuring laboratory is equipped with versatile equipment which enables us to provide tailored measurements regarding telecommunications and positioning in customer’s own environment.

On the rails

With a mobile 5G-laboratory it is possible to test and measure the coverage of commercial 5G networks’ coverage on public and industrial railways. 5G Lab is equipped with both traditional tyres and railway wheels for driving on tracks. This enables moving between track sections both on tracks and on the road, depending on the traffic.

On the highway

The 5G Lab can be driven on the highway just like any car. The fixed antennas and measuring equipment ensure reliable data even in environments sensitive to disturbances, such as city centers where there are tall buildings and many different sources and signals.

Off the road

Thanks to its compact size, our measuring equipment can be transported also with our quad bike, for example. It can be placed in customer’s vehicles, such as a railway engine, working machinery or even on a boat. Besides the measuring data our comprehensive service includes expert supervision and analysis of the measurements as well as an extensive report of the results.

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Mikko Oksanen
Proxion Tech

Proxion’s measuring services produce high-quality data for the Digirata project, so that we can be sure about the sufficient capacity of the networks of public operators around Finland.

Kimmo Kolehmainen, Unit Manager