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Expert on critical infrastructure

Our expert services help the customers working on critical infrastructure in ensuring the security of supply. Safety is not only in the hands of security professionals and technical experts, but a responsibility of each and every member of the organization. Proxion’s experts support organizations and their  employees in all the stages of the infrastructure life cycle.

We always strive to achieve solutions that are sustainable for the environment, society and people. We use the newest technology and expertise of the field. This guarantees that the customers’ can always be satisfied with the results of the project.

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Toni Jukuri
Technical supervision
Business unit director
Antti Haapalahti
Proxion Pro Oy
Managing director
Joni Kontio
Safety & security
Unit manager
Vesa Korpi
Training and safety services
Business unit director

Safety is a responsibility of each member of the organization.

Joni Kontio, Unit Manager