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First-class design

In the design work, we comprehensively take into account customer’s wishes and the details affecting the project throughout the process.

We always strive to provide solutions that are sustainable for the environment, society and people. We have at our disposal the latest know-how and technology in the field. This guarantees that when working with Proxion, the customer can always be satisfied with the result of the project.

We are the biggest railway infrastructure designer in Finland. Our design expertise covers all the technical fields of railways and we can participate in all the phases of design of the public railway network as well support the industrial railroad investments.

In addition to the above mentioned, we offer our knowledge of other fairway formats, built environment and critical infrastructure. Whether you need help with a tramway project, designing street lightning or any other public or private investment, our designers will be there for you!

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Mikko Saarinen
Proxion Plan Oy
Managing director
Lauri Aarnio
Railway technologies
Business unit director
Janne Nyyssönen
Electricity and telematics
Business unit director
Juha Jalonen
Civil Engineering
Business unit director
Katriina Viljanen
Traffic and environment
Business unit director

You don’t have to be an expert of a railway field to come work at Proxion. You will grow into one here.

Mikko Saarinen, Managing Director