For industrial rails

ProX-Rail situation awareness

ProX-Rail situation awareness is a software designed for industrial rails. It compiles all the information regarding the operations happening on the tracks to one place.

  • Real time snapshot
  • More effective maintenance
  • Timely communication

Designed for industrial rails

Logistics centers such as harbors and terminals are areas where many different operators and vehicles work. It is important that a clear situational picture of the area’s logistics is available and that traffic can be directed in the area efficiently and safely.

ProX-Rail is designed to serve all actors in a multi-actor environment, from the harbor’s operational staff to operators, maintenance workers and the rail network owner.

Customisable solution

ProX-Rail’s pricing is based on the size of the rail yard. ProX-Rail is a customisable solution to serve harbors’, factories’ or other logistics centers’ needs.

The service always includes following qualities:

  • Schedule information of departing and arriving trains
  • Locations of rolling stock (requires a compatible locator in vehicles)
  • Planning tools and a snapshot of railway capacity
  • Planning and snapshot of operative maintenance
  • Chat and notification features

In addition to these we will customise the software according to the customer’s wishes!


One place for information

Track and service facility capacity management, train schedules, maintenance work and related reservations all in one place.

Changes in the schedule

Real time reacting to changes in the schedule.


All the different operators see the same information and can react to events in real time, which enables discussion and notifications in operational activities.

Event log

More realistic reservation times and capacity planning, as well the traceability of changes in exceptional situations will automatically create an event log.

Our customers

Digitalisation of railway traffic is a key part in railway infrastructure property management, developing maintenance and streamlining railway traffic in the future.

Markus Jaatinen, Managing director of Proxion Tech Oy 

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Mikko Oksanen
Proxion Tech

Winter may surprise you, and a sudden need for snow removal can cause a need to change service facility reservations to give way to maintenance work. A united snapshot compiled by ProX-Rail helps to make the cooperation of different operators as seamless as possible!

Mikko Oksanen, Sales director