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We are constantly looking for brilliant reinforcements to support our growth. We at Proxion are united by the ability to learn something new, and we do not assume that someone who comes to us will be a ready-made railway expert. We support and encourage every new and existing member of the Proxion team to learn something new.

Although we are all connected by tracks, our backgrounds are very different. Some of us have been working in the railway sector for decades, but most of our new talents have come from outside the industry. With us, you can work on a wide range of interesting projects according to your interests: if you wish, you can get involved in the design of safety equipment or track infrastructure geotechnics. Or if your passion burns for environmentally friendly material and people transport, your place could be on the traffic design team. Perhaps you’re a software architect riding on the crest of digitalisation, enjoying breakfast cereal with the help of a Python-coded milk dispenser. In this case your home with us is sure to be found in the numerous digital rail services projects. And rail traffic would not be as safe as it is if we did not constantly assess and identify risks and draw up safety reports and management systems. So if safe transportation resonates with you, we will have career opportunities for you too.

The above are just some of the opportunities that it is possible to experience on our side. Leave us an open application and we will figure out a path so that you have the opportunity to become a brilliant maker of the future with Proxion!

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Proxion as a workplace

  • ePassi sport, culture, wellbeing and commute benefits
  • Comprehensive occupational health care
  • Leisure accident insurance
  • Freedom to choose between office and remote work
  • Flexible ways of working
  • Use of Villa Proxion in Spain
  • Personnel fund
  • Breakfast at the office on Mondays
  • Benefit Bike