Kaisa Pakanen, 38 Team leader Oulu

I graduated as a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2013 and then started as an entrepreneur in the field of education. At the time, Proxion was both a partner and a competitor to my company. With an acquisition six years ago, I moved to work for Proxion. I have enjoyed it very much from the beginning.
I work on the track college side with the sale, development and other things related to training.
I have always liked working with people and the clients are still absolutely wonderful. I am particularly enthusiastic about virtual training at the moment, especially after the coronavirus era, when more and more training is being done online. I am responsible for Proxion’s online training platform. The things involved are really interesting from both a pedagogical and a technical point of view.
As a work community, Proxion is second to none. There is room here for a wide variety of experts from different backgrounds. If people have ideas, they are listened to and taken forward boldly. This is a very inspiring place to work.

Working at Proxion is free. Employees are trusted and success in work is rewarded. If you are a brave person and dare to take responsibility for your own work and want to steer your own career in a certain direction, then you will definitely get support.

I recommend Proxion to people who enjoy an innovative and dynamic atmosphere. The greatest thing about the whole company is the courage with which we head for new things.
Next, in my own expertise, I want to develop technical expertise on the track side in particular. The railway industry as a whole is such that there is enough to learn indefinitely.

The greatest thing is the courage with which we head for new things.

Kaisa Pakanen, 38 Koulutuksen tiimipäällikkö