Ensuring commissioning of critical connected solutions with network measurements

Proxion has launched a new kind of network performance measurement service. Offering is not limited to radio interface but also focuses on the application-level Quality of Service by using Kaitotek’s Qosium. They have already conducted an extensive measurement campaign for railways in Finland, with more projects in the pipeline.

Proxion offers measurement and expert services for telecommunications and positioning. Network measurements verify the performance and reliability of the networks while supporting testing and innovating new services over them. Besides traditional radio analysis tools, Proxion also uses Kaitotek’s Qosium solution, whose uniqueness is in the passive measurement method. Qosium provides real-time statistics to measure and monitor the true network quality for the services and applications used by the customer.

Measurement service is independent of the industry and flexibly tailored to satisfy different environments and customer needs. In the comprehensive solution, Proxion first surveys the customer’s measurement needs. Then the test cases are identified, and the test system is adapted to suit the measurements. The results are thoroughly analyzed and reported to the customer. Proxion has a van equipped with measurement facilities for driving tests that are portable to customers’ environments and vehicles. The same van also adapts to railways with integrated rail wheels. The measurements provide the customer with analysis and a report of the network coverage and quality to understand how networks meet the strict demands of mission-critical applications and services in connected solutions. Kaitotek’s Qosium can also be installed on existing devices of customers, enabling Proxion to carry out the measurements in operative networks with real application traffic. This yields a precise understanding of the actual connectivity quality for the end-user without burdening the network with artificial test traffic.

Proxion’s measurement service has already conducted radio network measurements throughout the railways in Finland (about 6000 km) for the Finnish Digirail project. The commercial mobile networks’ quality and performance were measured to determine how well they suit nationwide railway traffic control. In the future, the train transport monitoring system will use 5G-based communications solutions.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd (Kaupunkiliikenne Oy) runs a pilot project to study the applicability of mobile networks for public metro transport. Proxion will carry out the measurements in a test railway in Helsinki.

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