Ukrainan lippu

Proxion is supporting Ukraine by withdrawing from projects with Russian operators in its stakeholders

Proxion, with the support of the company’s owners, has decided to terminate all cooperation with companies involved with Russian stakeholders. We will review the stakeholders of all projects and, if necessary, suspend those projects where cooperation with Russian operators will not be terminated. We want to act in accordance with our values ​​and take responsibility for the situation.

-I understand the possible financial implications of the decision for our company, says Petri Puikkonen, the main owner of Proxion. However, I feel that human rights are not for sale and there are bigger things in the world than economic success.

Under the command of the business unit directors, Proxion will go through all our projects and instruct project managers to suspend work and contract negotiations for projects involving Russian stakeholders.

“Just talking is not enough, concrete actions are needed,” continues Timo Savolainen, CEO of Proxion. Hopefully, our example will encourage other companies and communities to take action. In the short term, this will have a negative impact on our company’s financial status, but we firmly believe that by doing so, we will ensure that we can operate in the future as part of a united, secure Europe in a stable environment.

Proxion is a company of rail transport experts with a subsidiary and operations in Estonia. We are involved in a large number of nationally significant rail infrastructure projects in both Finland and the Baltic countries. Our policy applies to all Group companies and projects, regardless of the market.

For more information, please contact:

Timo Savolainen, President and CEO, Proxion Oy, +358 40 882 216,