Assessment and approval services

A guarantor of the future of rail transport

The aim of the assessment and approval services is to act as an enabler, a support and a stepping stone for new rail transport systems and to ensure safe and smooth traffic.

The risk management of major changes to the railway system must be assessed independently. This is ensured by the use of an independent safety assessment body (ISA). The FINAS accreditation service has certified Proxion Plan Oy’s Assessment and Approval Services as an institution responsible for independent safety assessment in accordance with the Risk Management Regulation.


In assessment services, we perform independent risk management assessments in relation to the railway EN standards and the CSM Regulation (EU) 402/2013.

The ISA has started operation in February 2021. It is in the customer's interest to comply with Traficom's regulations and the Rail Traffic Act, which is related to project commissioning permits. When the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency notifies Traficom of a new project, Traficom will require it to comply with the EU directive “CSM Regulation” in its construction license. This applies to all projects considered significant.

As a final product, the client receives a safety assessment report summarizing how the risks have actually been managed during the project. The conclusions are based on the evidence provided by the project.


In our approval services, we help our customers bring new railway products or technical systems to the railway market. With our strong expertise, the approval process is made efficient and approval for the product / system is achieved as quickly as possible. The customer can rely on the operation and safety of the products / systems they purchase, because they have been defined, tested and inspected.

We also support the introduction of new innovations in Proxion Plan Oy's projects. We are also strongly involved in the approval processes for the new-generation ERTMS systems for track-side and on-board equipment.

Approval services consult ISA, NoBo and DeBo processes. It is in the customer's interest to test and verify the conformity and suitability of their new product or system and to build trust in the customer's direction. At the end of a successful testing and inspection process, the customer receives approval from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Traficom for the product.
The customer can proceed with the marketing of their product in the EEA and the CE marking can be drawn up after the EC and FI inspection certificates.

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