Design and expert services

Uncompromising expert service

In our design work, we comprehensively consider the customer’s wishes and the details that affect the project from the beginning to the end.

We always strive for environmentally, socially and humanly sustainable solutions. We have the latest knowhow and the latest technology at our disposal. This ensures that the customer can always be satisfied with the outcome of the project.

Signalling and traffic control systems

One of the most important things in designing signalling and traffic control systems is to minimize safety risks. Our professionals have extensive experience in railway traffic control and signalling systems. We design new system solutions and make modifications to existing systems.

Signalling design includes various aspects, such as signalling location planning, switching design, level crossing warning system design, sign design, and designing ATP and ERTMS systems.

We take into account different modes of transport and disturbances when designing functionalities. In addition, we design and make cable route designs for both new and existing interlocking systems. For this purpose, we use the ProVISU software we have developed for modeling. It allows us to describe and simulate the functionality of different solutions.

Electrical design

We design various lighting and electrification systems based on intelligent control, usability and energy efficiency. In lightning design we have designed for instance various area, road and street lighting sites.

We also perform lighting measurements and various electrical network surveys and condition assessments.
In terms of high-power equipment, we are Finland's largest and most competent designer, and we can handle the design of large switch heating systems.
We also manage the design of various power supplies, batteries and UPS networks.

With regard to the electrical networks of buildings, our designers have been involved in several large design projects as the chief designer in charge, e.g. in various commercial properties, museums, and multifunctional premises. Of these, our strongest expertise lies in the design of various special facilities, such as interlocking equipment facilities and production facilities.

Electric track design

Our electric track design professionals take care of the modification of the existing electric track as well as the design of a completely new track. In our work, we consider the lifecycle of the project holistically. Efficient and flexible solutions at the design stage guarantee a functional and cost-effective end result. We also always consider the needs of traffic and maintenance.

Electric track design includes, among other things, the design of power outages and voltage groups. Proxion has been known for many years as an expert in grouping diagrams and power outages. Our experts also have a great deal of experience and expertise in the mechanical structures and dimensioning design of electric tracks.

We are also experienced in the simulation of the electric track power network, and we can perform surveys and calculations of the power consumption of the electric networks.

Telematics and passenger information

Our services include various passenger information system design packages as well as telematics, telecommunications and security technology expertise. Our telematics and information systems team develops customer-oriented solutions together with our other design industries and as their own solutions.

In terms of telematics, our strongest expertise is in the railway world: camera systems, reversing camera systems, telecommunication and cable route planning, as well as various access control, locking, fire detector / warning and burglar detector systems. With the help of electrical design and digital services, we are also able to create innovative solutions in the field of telematics in a completely new way.

In terms of passenger information, our design expertise covers the design of static signs, changing signs, public address systems, induction loops, schedule cabinets and accessible signs for railway stations, travel centers, bus terminals and other public transport. In addition to traditional location planning, our design expertise covers the preparation of the necessary equipment requirements, telecommunications and electrical plans, all the way to the preparation of commercial and technical procurement documents.

Infrastructure design

Proxion's infrastructure design comprises the Track Design Team and the Geodesign Team, which form the most brilliant design team in the industry when working together. We utilize data modeling in design and produce high-quality plans. We also have experience in design–build projects, so we can take into account the needs of construction sites and the requirements of practical construction for design.

Track design
Our track design team employs top experts in the field. We are involved in a wide range of the country's largest railway track and construction design projects, comprehensive track yard renovations, line section upgrades and double track projects, where we have not only been responsible for track technology but also for project management and the coordination of design for all technical areas related to the track environment. In the survey and pre-design phases, we strive to find design solutions in cooperation with geo- and traffic planning that will last through the following design phases.

The top geodesign team works seamlessly with other technical fields related to the track environment and professionally solves both the big and small problems related to the foundations, from pre-design to construction design. Our expertise covers, for instance, frost protection design, drainage design including drum design, track bottom reinforcements e.g. with embankments, retaining walls or stabilization, geodesign of pile slabs, geodesign of bridges, geodesign of electric tracks, lighting masts and signage foundations and geodesign of noise protection. We want to continue to be involved in developing common approaches to geotechnical design and new cost-effective and safe solutions.

Traffic and logistics design

Traffic design is an important part of the pre- and general design stages in order to assess what kind of infrastructure investments the desired level of traffic service requires. Traffic design provides clear, realistic reasons for choosing design solutions. It also includes the assessment of the profitability and impact of railway projects, the interaction in the design process and the coordination of design solutions in different technical fields.

In traffic design, comprehensive consideration is given to the totality of rail transport, taking into account the needs and opportunities of both passenger and freight transport. At Proxion, traffic design works in cooperation with other teams and technical fields – thus ensuring the practical feasibility of the solutions.

Our logistics design includes designing transportation and warehousing solutions cost-effectively and taking the customer's needs into account, so that rail transportation is a significant part of the transportation chain. Examples of logistics design include loading and unloading solutions for ports or factories, layout design and raw wood terminals.

Commissioning inspections

Our wide range of services also includes commissioning inspection services for signalling and ATP systems. We perform commissioning inspections with unparalleled expertise in both small and large projects.

During commissioning inspections, we are responsible for ensuring that the system in question has been implemented in accordance with industry regulations and guidelines. The plans made are checked and the functionality and security of the system are tested. The commissioning inspection assesses whether the solutions made in the project are the best possible choices for the end result.

The commissioning inspector approves the system for safe deployment. With the help of the ProVISU program developed by Proxion, systems testing can be simulated to match a realistic situation.

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A person applying for Proxion does not have to be an expert in the railway industry. They can grow to become one here.

Mikko Saarinen, Business Director