Training and safety services

For safer rail transport

At Proxion, our mission is to improve the safety of railways and urban rail traffic and to reduce risk factors. During the projects, our experts constantly assess the risks to ensure that the end result is first-class and safe, without forgetting usability and smoothness. We also provide safety advisory services and develop safety management and safety control systems for private railway operators.

We offer a wide range of training opportunities to develop and maintain professional skills. Our training services include all major railway safety training programs, such as track safety training (Turva), security guard training (T-mies), track work manager training (RTV) and rolling stock driver refresher training, among many others. Our trainers are pedagogically strong, skilled professionals in their field.

Rail traffic

As customer assignments, we prepare documentation related to safety management for private track operators and railway companies, act as a safety regulator and provide a holding service as well as preparedness services. In assignments, we map customers' needs and provide our services in a customized and high-quality manner. The service offering of the rail traffic team also includes safety advisory services (VAK / RID) as well as various supervision and audit assignments. We also offer similar services for metro and tram services.

Our team also has strong expertise in internal audit functions for different customer needs. In addition, we analyze and classify deviations as assignments for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, for example.

We have carried out several processes in accordance with safety permits quickly and efficiently with high customer satisfaction. Our team consists of a long line of railway experts. Special expertise can be found related to safety management, driver operations, switch work, equipment, regulations and hazardous substances, among other things.


We want to be involved in ensuring safe movement on the tracks. We are involved with the customer at all stages of the functionality lifecycle to ensure safety and to anticipate hazards by identifying risks. As an assignment, we perform risk management at various stages of design, construction, operation and decommissioning. We execute assignments using risk assessment methods instructed by the customer.

Risk assessments and safety advisory services related to VAK transports, functional safety assessment and risk management (SASC or Safety Case) as well as personnel safety orientation in instruction, site and factory orientations can be carried out on a customized online platform, taking into account the company's needs. We work and develop the industry in close cooperation with various stakeholders and authorities.

We always carry out our clients' assignments in accordance with the regulations in force. We also have peerless expertise in safety culture and HOF (Human and Organizational Factors).


We help our customers to develop the skills of their personnel by utilizing modern training methods, e.g. videos, a 360 shooting method, and VR and AR technology and our online training platform. We tailor these services and apply different implementation methods according to the needs of our customers.

We also actively cooperate with other actors in educational institutions. For example, we have produced a study module for the Railway Technical Operating Environment with 20 study credits in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland (XAMK).

We work closely with Kiwa Inspecta on training and thus complement our training offering for the benefit of the customer. In cooperation, we can also standardize and certify training in the future.
In the future, our training operations will also expand to the Baltic region in cooperation with our subsidiary Proxion Estonia.

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