Digital rail services

Rail traffic is undergoing a change

In traffic management, Finland is preparing for new radio network-based solutions that will move towards digital and intelligent rail traffic. The first ERTMS / ETCS implementations based on radio network technology are already being prepared. Proxion is strongly involved in, for example, the design of the implementation of the new system, the specification of requirements, the simulation, and in the modeling of the fleet and track infrastructure. In addition, we also perform extensive expert tasks on other technical track systems or access control systems.

Utilization of the data enables better planning of rail traffic and infrastructure as well as decision-making on how to proceed. It is easy for us to support decision-making, as Proxion not only has strong substance expertise, but also a lot of experience in information systems, geospatial information and software. We utilize, among other things, data analysis, map visualization and surveys. We also solve problems related to data quality and geospatial information, and we produce the necessary material.

It is also important for us to use the latest technology to improve efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness. We are agile at piloting and implementing a variety of technological and software solutions, utilizing our extensive expertise in software, geospatial information, IoT, radio networks, machine vision and artificial intelligence.

Together with our client, we are happy to look for new ways to use data and digital tools!

Digital and software services

At the core of our expertise in digital and software services are mobile scalable applications from architectural design to cloud-based application, as well as versatile data analysis. Our development team operates within an agile Scrum framework, sharing expertise and responsibility among its members.

In addition to a skilled development team, a successful software development project is based on technical specification, software and integration design. We also help both private and government clients with the abovementioned sub-entities from tendering to implementation control.

Today, data plays an important role in decision-making as well as in confirming subjective observations. Versatile data analyses ranging from interlocking device data to location data help experts to choose the best design options. In addition, smart visualization of data facilitates the understanding of numerical information and discussion among stakeholders.

ERTMS system design

The ERTMS system design team focuses on the operational and technical design of the traffic management system. Our system design experts play a key role in determining the functional properties of the system, the system architecture, the operating methods and the implementation plans of the track equipment.

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ERTMS testing and laboratory

The digitization of rail transport means a comprehensive overhaul of traffic management systems and requires the interoperability of multi-level equipment and systems. Testing is an important part of the development of new system components and the assurance of functions. Our ERTMS lab & test team experts are experts in software development, telecommunications and equipment technology. The expertise of the lab & test team focuses on testing ERTMS system integration, system architecture and operational functions, as well as testing design.

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