Proxion and XAMK for educational cooperation

Proxion produces a unique educational package in Finnish conditions in cooperation with XAMK, the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland. A completely new type of railway training package will be launched in November 2020. Anyone interested in the field can apply as a student through the Open University of Applied Sciences.

Through our cooperation, a training package completely unique in Finnish conditions is created, which offers students a vantage point for the railway industry. The employment prospects in the rail sector are very good and we hope to find more professionals as part of our own team of experts through educational cooperation,” says Timo Savolainen, CEO of Proxion.

The training with a total of 30 credits consists of three parts. The first is a 10-credit package, in which students become acquainted with the track technical operating environment. Studying takes place online.

The training package, which is implemented using modern methods, enables flexible study. The railway industry has not previously been taught in polytechnic universities on this scale, so expectations for the training are high, claims Vesa Korpi, who is responsible for Proxion’s training business.

For those studying to become an engineer (Polytechnic) at Xamk, the training can be counted into the degree. The entity complements the studies of electrical engineering, for example, well.

New training in the railway industry is one way to bring new experts into the field of technology. There are a lot of jobs in technology, but too few experts.

It would be possible to enter the field very swiftly, if training was available quickly and easily. “This more flexible pathway to studies and the industry is what we are trying to develop here,” sums up Mika Ruponen, Xamk’s Director of Engineering Education.


The track technical operating environment (10 cr) starts as online studies in November on 16.11. Registration for this training section is open until November 1st.