Proxion’s personnel fund supports the rewarding of experts

In an expert organization, fair and encouraging rewarding of employees is known to be important. At Proxion, it has always been considered significant that every brilliant fighter can enjoy the results of the success achieved together and receive appreciation for the work they have done.

“We have various personal quick rewards and project rewards. In addition, we wanted to bring something new that will benefit our experts in the long run and engage our team even more effectively,” says Timo Savolainen, CEO of Proxion. “We have established a personnel fund in cooperation with Mandatum Life this year, and this way of rewarding has already received really good feedback from our experts at this stage.”

All Proxion employees are members of Proxion’s personnel fund. With the help of the fund, every employee of Proxion has the opportunity to save flexibly to a savings target suitable for their own life situation. Through the fund, it is possible to receive fees that are significantly higher than those paid in cash – personal expenses and taxes do not have to be paid for the rewards when transferred to the fund.

Proxion’s personnel elected representatives to the fund’s board from among themselves. The board consists of two employee representatives and one employer representative.

“A personnel fund is a good way to reward employees for a good result. At the same time, you also get an easy and cost-free opportunity for the employee to increase the return on assets by investing the performance bonus. All in all, this is an easy way to start investing safely,” says Katriina Pietilä, Chairman of Proxion’s Personnel Fund. “From my own perspective, the fund facilitates the decentralization of my own funds and also provides security for a rainy day. The personal fund share is divided into tied-up and withdrawable shares, and according to one’s own wishes, the withdrawable funds can also be utilized,” Katriina concludes.