Development plan for local train traffic stations in Southwest Finland

The development plan for local train service stations in Southwest Finland examined the implementation of local train service stations in accordance with the regional plan of Southwest Finland at the level of a preliminary plan. The survey was part of the implementation of the Turku metropolitan area MAL agreement. The preparation of the development plan was started in November 2020 at the request of the Regional Council of Southwest Finland. In the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, Heikki Saarento has been responsible for conducting the survey. The work has also been supervised by a steering group, which included representatives from the municipalities affected by the commuter train area and other agencies and organizations involved in the organization of commuter train traffic. Alkutieto Oy and Proxion Plan Oy have cooperated as consultants.

The work presents at a rough level the implementation of halts and the associated parking areas and transport connections, as well as the cost levels. The platform construction should be quickly and simply feasible. The starting point for the implementation of the station locations has been the scale of a bus stop or a tram stop instead of the heavy rail stations. The aim of the work has been to implement a proportionate station infrastructure according to the estimated user potential per train shift, on the basis of which platform lengths of 6, 16 and 50 meters were proposed for use on a case-by-case basis. The lengths would be determined based on the locations of doors on the fleet that is used. At the shortest traffic points, only some or one of the doors of the train unit serves the station. The future expansion margin of the platform lengths was taken into account in the design.