Digirata project

Proxion is involved in defining the digital total solution for the railways of the future

The Digirata project will modernize the technical systems of the railways, an essential part of which is the upgrade of the train access control system to the Pan-European ERTMS / ETCS system. Train access control is an essential part of ensuring the smooth flow and safety of rail traffic. Proxion’s experts have worked in various stages of the Digirata project in several different working groups.

Proxion has played a significant role in the preparation of RATO22. The new part of the RATO Publication Series describes the definition, design, construction and maintenance of the ERTMS / ETCS system. Work has been performed in close cooperation with domestic and international stakeholders to find the best technical solutions for Finland.

Proxion has acted as an expert and designer in the construction design of Finland’s first ERTMS / ETCS level 2 test track. The new ERTMS / ETCS test track will be located on the (Kouvola)-Kotka / Hamina section, which Proxion has designed between Juurikorpi and Hamina. In connection with the construction design of the test track, a comprehensive testing plan has been prepared, which will be used to ensure that the test track and the new information obtained from it will serve Finland’s overall technical solution in the best possible way.

Proxion has developed and built a mobile 5G measurement laboratory to produce detailed radio network and positioning measurement data from the rail network and to facilitate and accelerate the integration testing and deployment of ERTMS systems. The mobile 5G measurement laboratory is also a development project to innovate new services for the railways.