Web and mobile application development as an enabler of digitalization

Real-time situational picture and communication, security and operational efficiency

– keywords from the areas of digitalization and software development utilization, where Proxion is strongly involved. We implement customized applications using web and mobile technologies based on the customers’ wishes. We also utilize our expertise in camera systems, IoT and machine learning in special applications.

Ratatilannekuva (the Situational Track Picture) app provides a situational picture of the problems caused by storms on the railways, monitors the progress of corrective actions, the estimated completion, and the impact on traffic. The application is implemented for workstation and mobile use.

A study of the level crossing behavior of road users was carried out at a level crossing on the non-electric section in Nivala. We designed and implemented a camera-based battery-powered research environment that split the video footage from the warning facility into parts based on the trains’ track reservation information and transmitted it to a server for research.


We utilize our own ProVisu software in customer assignments related to the use of track equipment and the planning of yard functionality. With a graphical view, the system takes the comprehensibility of complex things to a new level.

The largest private railway areas in Finland are in ports and industrial plants. In 2021, Proxion will implement the ProX Rata situational picture system, which will support safety, traffic flow and predictability of operations on private tracks. A real-time view of the locations and schedules of trains, switch work units, and running vehicles, along with planned switch work and maintenance events, brings predictability to operations.