Work + family – Family-friendly work practices increase well-being at work

The Confederation of Finnish Industries EK has launched the Work + Family campaign, which aims to challenge companies and other employers to find and highlight solutions that support the coordination of work and family from the point of view of each workplace. We at Proxion also want to be involved in EK’s campaign, which highlights values that are very important to us.

At Proxion, the division between work and family life has always been kept as low as possible, which is why we felt it was important to join the Work + Family campaign. Successful management of demanding expert work requires support from both the employer and the home team, and Proxion always strives to help experts find a work-family balance that works.

Different ways of working and the opportunity to work regardless of time and place are commonplace. These are also issues that, year after year, are among the most highly praised attributes in the employee satisfaction survey,” says Pia Haavisto, Proxion’s Human Resources Manager. “We encourage mothers and fathers to take family leave and children are always welcome in our offices as well. It is important to us that the family members of our experts know in what kind of work environment and with what kind of colleagues their father or mother spends time every day.

Henri Lindholm, who heads the infrastructure design team, also appreciates the functionality of work-family balance at Proxion. “Working hours are flexible and we do not have absolute requirements regarding the physical location of the workplace, so for example managing the day-to-day running of family life while working is a great success,” says Henri.

The lengths of family leave taken at Proxion range from minimum amounts to several years. The so-called infant period is, after all, a surprisingly short period of time and particularly unique for both fathers and mothers. “I believe – and I know from my own experience – that both mothers and fathers get a lot of skills and life experience during parental leave that can be used in working life,” Pia says and continues: “I think it is important that fathers are given a chance to fully take part in taking care of children alongside mothers.” Henri shares the same view: “Children are only small once and it is great to follow and be present when they grow up – it’s great that the employer understands this and offers more opportunities for it.

Traditionally, family-friendliness is perceived as a matter related to one’s own children and their care. However, diverse ways of working also make it possible to support and help one’s own older parents, for example. “When work is flexible according to different needs of family life, well-being at work and coping at work also increase. Such a win-win situation benefits both the employee and the employer,” Pia believes.

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